Why choose us?

At Modern Dentistry, we believe you deserve a lifetime of dental health. Our personalized and comprehensive approach uses modern science and technology to provide you with the best care available anywhere.

What makes us different?

Modern Dentistry’s approach begins with a personalized assessment of your dental health. The assessment summarizes your mouth’s current condition, how that contributes to your overall health and predicts risks before they become problems.

Our experienced dental team uses modern science and technology to deliver the highest quality care so you can smile with confidence and have a healthy and attractive mouth for a lifetime.

Why is our approach better for you?

Traditionally, dentists treat a cavity or infection after it creates problems. This causes unnecessary damage not only to your mouth, but to your overall health and costs you more money. Our approach creates a long-term plan to improve your dental and systemic health.

Your treatment plan with Modern Dentistry will be effective, efficient and address all your cosmetic and oral health goals. If necessary, we will coordinate your care with other specialists to ensure all your needs are met. You will leave each appointment better than when you arrived, happy you chose us and excited to share our services with your family and friends.

Ready to make an appointment?

Appointments are available Monday through Thursday by calling, emailing or (request an appointment here). Depending on your specific needs at each visit, you may see a dentist, our licensed registered dental hygienist, or both.

Our approach to create a long-term plan for your health begins at your fist visit. Your first visit may take longer than a typical appointment so we can discuss any concerns you may have, complete a comprehensive examination, review your records and take necessary x-rays, photos and digital scans of your mouth.